COVID-19 Offer: Great discount on food and beverages!

COVID-19 Offer: Great discount on food and beverages!

Time of the second promotional activity: from May 4, 2020 to the end of May 11, 2020

Dear customers,

Hello! Under the tough period of COVID-19, please pay attention to protect yourselves at all times!

Everyone is welcomed to purchase on our website. We are doing our best to apply for cargo flights from Russia to Singapore to minimize costs and reduce unnecessary procurement expenses for everyone.

In order to expand imports and reduce costs, we set up "Russia and Eastern Europe food and beverage direct sales platform" on Facebook. Please help to like, share and spread our page. We recommend interested customers to set up distribution channels in various media to help us jointly sell Russian and Eastern European food, beverages, meat products, dairy products, and seafood products, we will give commissions. Only when the purchase volume increases, the import cost will decrease, reducing the purchase price for everyone.

In order to endure this special difficult time with everyone, we thought of many ways to try to ensure low-profit operation.

Although we are businessmen, we do not earn money in times of disaster.

I wish you all health and safety!


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