Our Story

1. What kind of company are we?
E-E GOODS PTE.LTD. is mainly engaged in international trade, supply chain support, European business services and so on. The current focus of work: one is to develop the Southeast Asian market for food and beverage factories in Eastern Europe; the other is to develop international trade in response to customer needs; the third is business services, providing European tourism, immigration and study abroad, logistics and warehousing, business inspection, administrative approval, and law Consultancy, financial consulting, handling affairs, etc.

2. What is the background of our company?
E-E GOODS PTE.LTD. Is a comprehensive supplier of products in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. It has several sister companies in Russia, Belarus, China and Singapore. Before setting up a Singapore company, we exported Chinese goods to large supermarkets such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Czech Republic. At the same time, purchase and supply goods from the government.
With the slowdown of the international economy, we have used 22 years of European work experience to secure fixed assets as collateral, and obtained the Southeast Asia regional agency for more than 100 factories in Eastern Europe. Starting to explore the two-way trade between Southeast Asian products entering the Eastern European market and Eastern European products entering the Southeast Asian market, we hope to get the support and cooperation of distribution agencies in various countries!

3. Which Eastern European products do we operate?
One is, all types of biscuits, snacks, sweets, chocolate, pastries, jams, potato chips, cooking oil, flour, honey, wild frozen berries, dairy products, oily fish, bread sauces, salad dressings, barbecue sauces, caviar , Matsutake, Chaga, Matsutake, fungus and other foods.
The second is that in cold regions, birch juice, kvass and sea buckthorn, red cranberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, red raspberries, Maria fruits and other high-spec fruit drinks and purees.
The third is beer, fruit beer, classic beer, vodka, health wine, fruit wine, Georgian and Moldovan red (white) wine, champagne, brandy, whiskey.
Fourth, canned Atlantic herring, canned salmon, wild sea cucumber (dried) and king crab (refrigerated and kept fresh) in the cold regions of Russia.
Fifth, cold (refrigerated) chicken, pork, beef, eggs and canned (vacuum-packed) meat products are all required to obtain SFA registration and import license.

4. What are our marketing rights areas in Southeast Asia? How to cooperate?
Find local traders, wholesalers, brokers, distributors and networks in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand Distributor, as a partner. With the best quality, the most exquisite packaging and the lowest price, the fastest speed to market.

5. What are our future development plans?
Implement the "four-step" strategy. The first stage: gather European brand companies and implement regional classification management. The second stage: Establish branches in various countries to consolidate the Internet foundation. The third stage: establish S2B2C international trade platform and create international trade integration. The fourth stage: Coordinate supporting service functions and deepen digital financial trade.

6. What are our development goals?
Convene manufacturers, supporting suppliers and consumers to seek the best experience in international business reform. Although we are not in a joint venture relationship with any business entity, we are in a partnership relationship with any business entity. The freedom to eliminate pressure, share responsibilities, share resources and balance interests is the benchmark for all our work.


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