Special Note

Special Note

The third batch of Ukrainian ROSHEN chocolates, bagels and other products will arrive in Singapore by air in 4 days, please wait for Facebook to notify!

Belarusian yogurt, kvass, liquor and Russian sausages, Salo, canned pork and other meat products are preparing international commodity inspection documents.

The 20-foot container of Belarus has set off from the sea, and it contains a large amount of more than 90 products that are needed by Singapore long-term residents, such as kvass, beer, birch juice, ABC juice, sour tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, flour, and fast food soup!

One after another, we will push Belarusian pure milk and special milk products into supermarkets in Singapore and Thailand in a normalized way to protect customers' long-term purchases!

Soon we will launch a membership system to ensure that everyone can enjoy the wholesale price! All affiliated cooperative stores can enjoy preferential prices for major customers!

Thank you for your long-term trust and support!


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