Prize area

A: Applicable scope of reward amount activities
  • 1. Reward amount activities are not applicable to wholesale price buyers and wholesale price goods.
  • 2. The reward amount activity does not apply to online purchasers.
  • 3. During the award amount activity, the products participating in the activity are determined by the seller.
  • 4. The reward amount activity is only applicable to on-site retail purchasers.
B: How to use the bonus amount
  • 1. The reward amount is valid at the time and can only be redeemed after checkout.
  • 2. When using the award amount to purchase, if there is a remaining balance, the seller will not refund the remaining balance.
  • 3. When using the reward amount to purchase, if the amount does not reach the product value, the buyer will make up the difference.
C: Proportion of reward amount
  • 1. Each purchase of S$30-S$59.9 will be rewarded with a 2% ratio.
  • 2. For each purchase of S$60-99.99, a 3% bonus amount will be given.
  • 3. Each purchase of S$100-S$149.9 gives a 4% bonus amount.
  • 4. Each purchase of S$150-S$199.9 will be given a 5% bonus amount.
  • 5. Each purchase of S$200-S$249.9 will be rewarded with a 6% ratio.
  • 6. For each purchase of S$250-S$299.9, a 7% bonus amount will be given.
  • 7. For each purchase of S$300-S$349.9, an award amount of 8% is given.
  • 8. Each purchase of S$350-S$399.9 will be rewarded with a 9% ratio.
  • 9. Each purchase of more than SGD 400 will be rewarded with a 10% ratio.

D: Reward amount activities regulated products