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Beer Baltika No.7 0.9L

Beer Baltika No.7 0.9L

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The beer is clear and bright yellow with nice foam. This beer is perfectly balanced, playful and full-bodied, with hints of hops and tropical fruits, and a soft and bitter aftertaste. The drink has light aromas of hops, crust and lemon.

Food pairings: Beer pairs perfectly with lean meats, shellfish, crustaceans, hot and cold fish dishes. The drink can also be paired with sausages and side dishes of sausage, bacon, salty hard cheeses, nuts and a variety of snacks.

The beer is a blend of rare varieties of hops and selected light malts. Baltika No. 7 has a slightly higher alcohol content than a classic lager, and in its full and mild flavor, the hops are less pronounced.

Of the many beers in the Baltic range, Seven is considered the most innovative and progressive. In the mid-90s, "Baltika No. 7 Export" became the first canned beer produced in Russia.
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