Blond beer "Baltika Cooler" 4.7%    0.5L

Blond beer "Baltika Cooler" 4.7% 0.5L

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"Baltika Kuler" is a unique light camp that has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with a pleasant bitterness, as well as a floral aroma of hops with a hint of vanilla. "Baltika Kuler" is the first variety in the "Baltika" line, which has not been assigned a serial number. Thanks to a special collection of yeast used in the production of this variety, "Baltika Cooler" has an original refreshing taste and is easy to drink. The new yeast was specially developed by the company's brewers on the basis of a strain found on Kamchatka and on the islands of the Kuril ridge, known for its harsh but unique natural conditions.

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