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BBQ Devil 30G

BBQ Devil 30G

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This spice mixture is a sharper variant of barbecue spice. If you are one of the fans of more spicy dishes, the spicy barbecue devil mixture will definitely not let you down. It is suitable for grilling all kinds of meat, but it is also suitable for a few minutes, stewed meat or beef stew. 

In summer, barbecue is an increasingly popular way for many Czechs to relax. In addition to grilled specialties from various meats, a variety of vegetables, fruits and cheeses have been grilled recently. Barbecuing is actually a quick and direct heat treatment of food over a very mild and steaming fire. Smoldering coals, or rather the heat they emit, give grilled food an incredible flavor with a hint of smoke. Maybe everyone will have a bite of warm roasted meat, which is crispy and delicious with a great taste.

 We use it to grill all kinds of meats, and also for beef stews, stews, and a few minutes. This mixture will give your food the right taste and aroma. It mainly contains chili, chili, garlic, onion, cumin, black pepper, and new spices.

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