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Beer Lidskoe "Zhyguleuskae 80 god" Yubileynoye, 0.5L

Beer Lidskoe "Zhyguleuskae 80 god" Yubileynoye, 0.5L

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The taste of the beer is soft, full-bodied, with a harmonious combination of floral and herbal notes of hops, malt shades of caramel, sponge cake and bread.

"Zhigulevskoye" is a famous Soviet variety, synonymous with the word "beer" in the USSR. In 2020, "Zhigulevskoye" from the company "Lidskoe Pivo" celebrates its 80th anniversary. The recipe of this beer has remained unchanged since 1940, when this most common variety was first brewed at the factory.
"Zhyguleuskae" 80 is a limited edition released for the anniversary of the legend of Soviet brewing. Thanks to the recipe close to the norms of the Soviet era, the taste of the novelty is almost identical to the very "Zhigulevsky", which has become the standard of beer and a symbol of the era for many generations. To do this, the brewers used a special blend of malts and hops, obtaining a full-bodied, full-bodied light beer.

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