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Bison - Apple Juice 0.375L

Bison - Apple Juice 0.375L

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This product is a sports energy drink. It is suitable for fitness athletes, night shift workers, computer personnel, drivers, conference personnel, and office secretaries.

raw material:

Concentrated apple juice
«Guarana base» base (extracted from Guarana seeds, a natural color sugar, caffeine),
Acidity regulator-citric acid
Natural flavor "Lemon"
Vitamin premix CustoMix BEV 4,
Preservative-sodium benzoate.
Nutritional value (at least) 100ml:

Energy value -230 kJ (55 kcal),
Cobalt-13 grams.
Vitamin content in 100ml beverage:

E (equivalent decavalent iron), mg – 1,2 (12) *;
B6 (pyrrolidinol), mg-0.24 (12) *;
РP (niacin equivalent), mg-2,14 (12) *;
H (Biotin), micrograms – 18,0 (36) *
Caffeine content in 100 ml beverage: more than 15 mg and not more than 40 mg.

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