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Mineral Water "Borjomi" Carbonated Lime-Coriander Flavored, 0.33L

Mineral Water "Borjomi" Carbonated Lime-Coriander Flavored, 0.33L

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A non-alcoholic beverage based on natural mineral water Borjomi, which includes extracts of lime and coriander Borjomi flavored water. Highly carbonated
Borjomi wine with lime and coriander aroma is a new type of flavored water with natural ingredients, without sugar and calories. A mixture based on Borjomi natural mineral water, an exhilarating mixture of lime, fresh coriander and the spicy aroma of coriander, bringing a pleasant combination of joy and lightness. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner after running or exercising, stay hydrated or just want to pamper yourself. Like the classic Borjomi, there are no artificial preservatives in Borjomi with the aroma of lime and coriander, because high carbonation can perfectly retain the natural freshness of the water. Every bite of Bordeaux rice has the aroma of lime and coriander, which can connect you to the natural world! Breathe rich lime and coriander scent. Feel the faint, almost imperceptible taste of Bordeaux honey. The slightly salty mineral flavor brings you a pleasant aftertaste. The main thing is not to forget to cool down. It tastes better this way. Borjomi with aromas of berries, vanilla and fruit. Contains wildlife.

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