Cakes Biscuit Roshen Drunk Cherry VKF 50g

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Ingredients: molasses, sugar, premium wheat flour, egg melange, vegetable fats (palm, hydrogenated palm kernel), water-retaining agents (sorbitol syrup, glycerin), apple puree (contains sulfites), emulsifiers (mixture [wheat starch, dry milk whey , emulsifier: esters of polyglycerides and fatty acids; salt, raising agents (sodium dihydropyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate)], soy lecithin), wheat starch, glucose, condensed milk product [condensed skimmed milk, sugar, milk fat replacer (palm oil), lactose] , alcohol 0.8%, concentrated cherry juice 0.3%, brandy, gelling agents (pectin, carrageenan), low-fat cocoa powder, flavors, salt, acidity regulators (mixture of lactic and citric acids, sodium bicarbonate), dye Anthocyanin, calcium chloride stabilizer. Filling - 31%. May contain peanuts, sesame, nuts.

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