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"Red October" Chocolate Candies Cornflowers, 250g

"Red October" Chocolate Candies Cornflowers, 250g

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Cornflower candies are sweet classics from the Rot Front factory. Delicate melting fudge with a mild crème brûlée flavor and tart cognac notes, enriched with grated cashew nuts, covered with chocolate glaze. Fragrant sweets, the taste of which is familiar from childhood to several generations of sweets. Traditional blue wrappers with glittering inserts and an image of a humble wildflower.

Composition: Sugar, chocolate coating, cocoa powder, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, E476; vanilla flavouring), sweetened condensed milk (whole milk, sugar), drinking water, molasses, milk fat substitute (refined deodorized vegetable oils: partly hydrogenated palm oil, partially hydrogenated sunflower oil, palm kernel oil, antioxidant tocopherols, mixture concentrate), cashew kernel grated, rectified ethyl alcohol (0.05%), flavourings: vanilla, rum, cognac.

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