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"Mega Fruit" Fruit Juice - Wild Strawberries

"Mega Fruit" Fruit Juice - Wild Strawberries

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Non-alcoholic non-carbonated pasteurized  beverage "MegaFruit" "Strawberry".

Is the best drink for hotels, restaurants, restaurants.


  • Prepared artesian water from a 266m deep well,
  • Sugar,
  • Apple juice concentrated,
  • “Wild strawberry” juice base (concentrated wild strawberry juice, colorant - blackcurrant-black carrot concentrate, flavoring),
  • Acidity regulator - citric acid,
  • Anti-oxidant - ascorbic acid,
  • Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Nutrition value: Carbohydrates - 9.8 g / 100 ml

Energy value: 170.0 kJ (40.0 kcal) / 100 ml


The juice content in the drink is 5%.

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