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Rot Front Waffles Cow Melted Milk, 150g

Rot Front Waffles Cow Melted Milk, 150g

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Fragrant unglazed wafers "Cow", the plates of which are interspersed with a delicate layer of creamy creamy fondant filling. Large puff pastry squares, rich aroma of melted milk, sweet creamy taste and airy texture of thin crispy waffles. They go well with tea, coffee and milk.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, coconut oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter substitute (modified vegetable oils), sunflower oil, egg powder, cocoa powder, emulsifier lecithin, table salt, flavoring identical to natural "Milk", baking powder — sodium bicarbonate, acidity regulator — citric acid.

Energy value, 528
Proteins, 7.5
Fats, 30
Carbohydrates, 57.9

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