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Croutons Crunchy Baguette with Tomato and Herb Flavor, 60g

Croutons Crunchy Baguette with Tomato and Herb Flavor, 60g

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Product description: Croutons Crunchy Baguette Tomato and herbs are original crispy snacks with an airy porous structure and spicy taste with notes of ripe tomatoes, fragrant parsley and garlic. Due to its oval shape, Crunchy looks like thinly sliced miniature baguettes. Khrusteam croutons are pleasantly crispy and easy to bite. Khrusteam can be consumed as a delicious and hearty snack, a light snack for soft drinks, served as croutons for cream soup, used to make the famous Caesar salad.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, semolina, vegetable oil, flavoring [whey powder, salt, sugar, flavor and aroma enhancers (monosodium glutamate 1-substituted, 5'-sodium guanylate 2-substituted, 5'-sodium inosinate 2-substituted), onion powder, flavoring substances, garlic powder, parsley powder, gelling agent (potassium chloride), anti-caking agent (amorphous silicon dioxide), dye (paprika extract), acidity regulator (citric acid)], sugar, Anti-caking agent (calcium carbonate), caramelized sugar, carrot extract. 

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