Garage Hard Black Cherry Drink 4.6%,  0.44L

Garage Hard Black Cherry Drink 4.6%, 0.44L

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He poured himself into a glass a drink of saturated ruby ​​​​color with a very lush foam from small and pretty bubbles, which performed an “avalanche” inside the glass, and then they held on for a long time.

The aromatics of Seth & Rileys Garage Hard Black Cherry are very bright and powerful from the very opening of the bottle. Cherry and berry nuances are felt, as well as cream and cherry-berry jam. The taste of this beer drink is very sweet. Cherry is again felt, but with a stone. Again, berry jam and fruit drink are also made from different berries. At the same time, the beer is also felt here (its malty part), but there is not enough hops for balancing. Plus a little sourness due to citric acid, probably.

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