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"GLOBUS" Old Russian Pickled Cucumbers, 900g

"GLOBUS" Old Russian Pickled Cucumbers, 900g

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Homemade pickles from a barrel are crispy, spicy, tender and an integral part of any feast, both everyday and festive. It is a delicious snack and an indispensable ingredient in many traditional salads, hot dishes and soups. And thanks to GLOBUS, you don't have to cook them yourself or look for them at the market – they are waiting for you in the convenience store. Pickles "Starorusskie" GLOBUS are a truly homemade product, produced according to a traditional centuries-old recipe. They are grown on a Kuban farm and salted according to GOST - aged in barrels for 2 months, as a result of which they produce very useful natural lactic acid. The cucumbers are then gently pasteurized to preserve all the flavor and aroma of the herbs and spices. Canned cucumbers "Starorusskie" GLOBUS do not contain vinegar and artificial additives - the taste is set off only by natural spices and fresh fragrant herbs.


Pickled cucumbers, drinking water, dill greens, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid, garlic, horseradish root, sealant: calcium chloride.

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