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Instant noodles "Rollton", chicken, home-style, 90g

Instant noodles "Rollton", chicken, home-style, 90g

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Ingredients :

noodles: premium wheat flour, vegetable oil, potato starch, table salt, egg powder, natural dye beta-carotene. Seasoning broth: table salt, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, dried chicken meat, flavor and aroma enhancers glutamate, guanylate, sodium inosinate, dried vegetables garlic, onion, paprika powder, flavor identical to natural chicken, spices red pepper, ginger, pepper black, turmeric. Dried vegetables: corn, peas, carrots, soy textured, green onions. The product may contain trace amounts of celery and milk processing products.

Short description : Instant homemade pasta.

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