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Jelly taste "Vanilla" 80g

Jelly taste "Vanilla" 80g

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 Sugar, edible gelatin, vanillin flavor.


 Pour 160ml of cold boiled water into the bag, let it stand for 40 minutes, stir and heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved, boil, filter, and cool. Pour 160 ml of sour cream into the prepared dough, mix it, pour it into a mold, and place it in a cold place to thicken it.

 The nutritional value of 100 grams of product: protein-10 grams, carbohydrates-85 grams. Energy value (calorie content)-1550 kJ (370 kcal).

 Store in an environment where the temperature does not exceed 20°C and the relative humidity does not exceed 75%.
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