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Kvass Dark Side 1.5L

Kvass Dark Side 1.5L

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"Alivaria" showed a new product-the black Kvass "Dark Side". Its uniqueness lies in its rich dark color and packaging design, which is not the standard configuration of the Kvass category. The product is 100% natural and the color intensity depends on the ingredients-rye and barley malt.

"Alivarski Kvass Dark Noodle" is a black, rich kvass made from dark rye and barley malt. It has a refreshing taste and bright sweetness, while retaining the classic rye husk aroma and natural bitterness. It is an excellent thirst quencher, perfect for hot snacks from large companies-pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches and burgers.

 Alcohol content: 1.2%

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