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Leedska Lead Fresh Lager 4.5%, 0.5L

Leedska Lead Fresh Lager 4.5%, 0.5L

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Leedska Lead Fresh Lager is a crisp and light 0.5L lager beer with 4.5% alcohol. It features a rich, golden color and mild hop aroma, with a refreshingly smooth finish. Enjoy a unique drinking experience with Leedska Lead's unique blend of quality ingredients.

LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is a new refreshing light beer in the LIDSKAE line with its musical atmosphere, which brings together like-minded people.

It is brewed according to the classic ice-cold lagering technology, in which the beer is aged at sub-zero temperatures, not higher than -1 °C, to obtain the purest and lightest taste.

LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER is a light beer with a pleasant golden hue, which is emphasized by the use of a transparent bottle, 4.5% alcohol, low bitterness, light hop bouquet and mild aftertaste. And the new twist-off cap makes opening LIDSKAE LID FRESH LAGER even easier, without the need for additional tools.

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