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Matryoshka (5 pieces)

Matryoshka (5 pieces)

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Diameter 10CM×Height 21CM

Matryoshka has a strong exotic style and is a unique handmade craft in Russia. The main material for nesting dolls is basswood. Matryoshka can not only be used for decoration, but also can store jewelry, candy, etc. It is the best choice for gift packaging. Nesting dolls-a premium gift everyone deserves. It is an exotic exquisite gift that can increase family affection, witness affection, and express ardent yearning for the people you care about.

 The legend about matryoshka:

 In the old days, there appeared two cousins, a boy and a girl, living in the same block of Russia. They grew up very intimately together. As time passed, the boy left his hometown. He missed his lovely girl very much. So every year he makes puppets to chase that girl. The size of the matryoshka has increased year by year. After many years, he returned to his hometown and gave her this group of puppets as a gift. Then people created the style of the doll under the name of the Russian matryoshka. It also has another name "Lucky Doll".
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