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Mineral Water "Borjomi" Carbonated, 1.0 L

Mineral Water "Borjomi" Carbonated, 1.0 L

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Mineral medicinal table highly carbonated water Borjomi - mineral water of volcanic origin. Saturated with natural carbon dioxide, it is able to rise to the surface without the help of any pumps from a depth of 8-10 km with a warm stream (38-41 ° С). Passing through the rocks of the Caucasus Mountains, Borjomi is enriched with a composition of 60 different minerals. Borjomi mineral water is an invaluable gift of nature. It is suitable both for daily use and for effective prevention and treatment of dozens of diseases (digestive and metabolic systems, colds). Thanks to its unique complex of minerals of volcanic origin, it not only quenches thirst, but also effectively cleanses the body, boosts immunity and improves the tone of the body, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy life! It acts as a “shower from the inside”. Composition Chemical

composition : mg / l: calcium: 20-150; magnesium: 20-150; potassium: 15-45; sodium: 1000-2000; hydrocarbons: 3500-5000; chlorides: 250-500; sulfates: <10.

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