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Mustard Russian "Goldjick", 120g

Mustard Russian "Goldjick", 120g

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Mustard is a seasoning for meat dishes, cold and hot appetizers of poultry, fish, meat. Without fragrant and spicy mustard, a real Russian aspic is unthinkable. Excellent, rich, truly spicy and intense taste of mustard - these definitions are the best way to describe the product produced by our company. Prepared only from natural ingredients, marinades and spices, because we care about a healthy diet and the benefits for consumers of our sauces and seasonings. Mustard - Traditionally, crushed mustard seeds were used to make this seasoning, mixes mustard powder with a special combination of spices and spices, adding vegetable oil, vinegar and sugar to obtain a truly Russian, vigorous and fragrant seasoning for cold and hot meat dishes.

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