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Baltic Supermart

New Year's Gift Winter Fun

New Year's Gift Winter Fun

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Chocolate, 65 g Milk chocolate with Alenka filling, 45 g Chocolate "Spartak" bitter 56%, 20 g Nougat, 35 g Glazed nougat "Milx", 35 g Sweets, 319 g Glazed candies "Aeroflot" 25 g Sweets "Smile time" condensed milk 24 g Sweets "Smile time" with chocolate flavor, 24 g Toffee glazed sweets with peanuts and cranberries, 45 g Glazed candies "Catch! Grilled mood" with peanuts, 47 g Candy "Cont&Blue" Irish cream flavor, 42 g Sweets "Dessert" orange-pineapple flavor, 44 g Ericko candies tiramisu flavour, 41 g Sweets with filling "Alenka", 27 g Caramel, 49 g Caramel with Duchess pear flavor, 21 g Caramel "Plum", 28 g Iris, 32 g Iris "Golden Key Top", 32 g (OJSC "Krasny Mozyryanin")

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