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Raspberry Flavoured Black Tea 0.75L

Raspberry Flavoured Black Tea 0.75L

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TEA COLLECTION, a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated pasteurized beverage, and "BLACK TEA", a raspberry flavor.


  • Artesian water was prepared from a 266m deep well,
  • sugar,
  • Acidity regulator-citric acid
  • Black tea extract (natural black tea extract),
  • Colorant-Caramel
  • Antioxidant-ascorbic acid
  • Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate;
  • Raspberry seasoning.

The bottling date and expiration date are shown on the cap or top of the bottle.

Due to the nature of the raw materials used, opalescence is allowed.

Nutritional value: Carbohydrates-7.5g / 100ml

Energy value: 127.5 (30.0) kJ (kcal) / 100 ml

Store in a dark, ventilated and odorless room with air temperatures from 0ºС to 22ºС

After unsealing, store the product in a closed place at a temperature of 0 ° C to 6 ° C for no more than one day.

It's best to drink cold.

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