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Rot Front Caramel "Crayfish Necks", 250g

Rot Front Caramel "Crayfish Necks", 250g

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Caramel Crayfish Necks are the famous candies of the Rot Front factory. Striped caramel pads with a chocolate hazelnut filling made of selected roasted almonds with cocoa got their strange name for their external resemblance to the delicious tails of crayfish, called crayfish necks in the old days. Aromatic, with a rich nutty-chocolate flavor, with crispy thin layers of caramel. Weight: 250 g.Manufacturer: OJSC Rot Front.

Composition: water, citric acid, licitin, oxidizing agent, sugar, molasses, almond kernel, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa mass, and peanuts.

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