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Salmon Caviar Imitation Santa Bremor, 480g

Salmon Caviar Imitation Santa Bremor, 480g

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Imitated salmon Caviar contains valuable fish and seaweed. Eggs have a natural appearance, nice burst in the mouth and have excellent taste. High-quality imitated caviar practically does not differ in consistency and taste from the natural. However, a more pleasant price makes such a delicacy affordable for everyone. The main advantage of imitated caviar in comparison with natural caviar is low calorie content. Imitated caviar is rich in fatty acids and Omega-3.

Composition: Fish broth (trout, salmon), salt, haddock, fish oil, sunflower oil, thickener: E466, sodium alginate, carrageenan, E417, gum arabic; sugar, flavouring, natural flavouring, flavour enhancer: E621, E631, E627, E635; dyes: vegetable charcoal, carotenes; Acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate.

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