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Set of candies "Heritage of Belarus" 926g

Set of candies "Heritage of Belarus" 926g

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The set includes sweets: chocolate with fondant-cream filling; chocolate with chocolate filling; "" Klyukovka "" - decorated; "" Bird's milk "" (creamy body); ""Spartacus""; "" Roasted peanuts "". "
“By purchasing a set of sweets with the bright name“ Spadchyna Belarusi ”, chocolate gourmets can not only enjoy their favorite sweets, but also get acquainted with the architectural heritage of Belarus.

Detailed description:
Sugar, dark chocolate mass, chocolate glaze, powdered sugar, roasted grated hazelnut kernel, confectionery glaze, whole condensed milk with sugar, roasted crushed peanuts, butter, molasses, apple puree, cranberry puree, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cognac , fruit puree, fruit supply, invert syrup, dry egg white, milk fat substitute, rectified ethyl alcohol not lower than the highest purification, agar, natural honey, citric acid, sodium citrate, emulsifier (lecithin), preservative Hydrocon NK, vanillin flavor ", Invertase (bioinvert), orange flavor, vanilla flavor, confectionery fat, iodized table salt.

The nutritional value:
Proteins: 5.0 g
Fat: 25.0 g
Carbohydrates: 59.0 g
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