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Set of sweets Kommunarka Belgian Truffle 185g

Set of sweets Kommunarka Belgian Truffle 185g

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As early as 1920, French culinary expert Auguste Escoffier created the world's first truffle chocolate. Since then, many changes have taken place... Confectionery manufacturers from all over the world have perfected truffle recipes and added more and more new ingredients. The traditional Belgian truffles from the Kommunarka factory combine all the passion of world confectionery art with the precious experience of Belarusian confectioners. Velvety creamy flavor, subtle coconut flavor, aromatic combination of cocoa powder and powdered sugar-you will find all of these in Belgian truffles from Kommunarka confectionery. Touch the history of world masterpieces with Kommunarka!

The nutritional value of 100 grams of product: protein-5.5 grams, fat-46 grams (including saturated fatty acids-41.5 grams, transisomers of unsaturated fatty acids-0.53 grams), carbohydrates-38 grams (including sugars-36.5 grams) , Salt-0.164 g

Energy value: 2450 kJ (590 kcal)
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