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Set of sweets "Spartak", 300g

Set of sweets "Spartak", 300g

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Description: The original multi-faced box complements the golden series of chocolates. There are also many types of candies: Torch, Spartak, meteorites on hazelnuts, toasted nuts covered with chocolate, chocolate fudge cream filling, Svityaz.

Ingredients: powdered sugar, roasted hazelnut kernels, chocolate glaze, grated roasted hazelnuts, shaped chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, candy glaze, natural honey, granulated sugar, whole condensed milk, sugar, milk powder (fat mass fraction 25%), Coconut oil, rectified ethanol of not less than the highest purity, butter, cognac, molasses, vegetable butter spread, emulsifier (lecithin), vanillin flavor, vanilla flavor, invertase (bioinvert).

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