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Soletto CLASSICO pistachio 75g

Soletto CLASSICO pistachio 75g

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Soletto CLASSICO pistachio is the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings with its delicious and natural blend of pistachios. Each package is 75g, enough for the whole family to enjoy. This product is made with carefully selected ingredients and offers a rich, nutty flavor. Enjoy the perfect combination of healthy, filling and satisfying.

Soletto CLASSICO Pistachio is a high-quality Italian pistachio with an aromatic, delicious flavor. Our pistachio comes from the Mediterranean and is certified by the World Pistachio Council. With 75g of product, it is a great value. Enjoy the nutty taste of this premium pistachio!

Unique flavor of Soletto ice cream in a crispy waffle sugar cone.
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