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Fragrant Mustard "ABC" 180g

Fragrant Mustard "ABC" 180g

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Ingredients:  mustard powder, prepared drinking water, alcoholic vinegar, sugar, iodized table salt, refined deodorized sunflower oil, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, sodium benzoate preservative.

Appearance:  Homogeneous wiped thick mass without lumps of smearing consistency with air bubbles and dotted spices.

Taste and smell:  Spicy, pleasant, with a smell and taste of spices.

Color:  From light yellow with shades of brown, uniform throughout the mass.

Shelf life and storage conditions of table horseradish from the date of manufacture with a preservative at a relative humidity of not more than 75% and storage temperature:
- in a glass jar:
from 0 ºС to 6 ºС - 9 months;
from 6 ºС to 12 ºС - 5 months;
from 12 ºС to 18 ºС - 3 months.
- in polymer packaging:
from 0 ºС to 12 ºС - 5 months;

After opening the package, store the product at 4 ºС ± 2 ºС.

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