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Sweets Rot Front Bird's milk creamy vanilla 225g

Sweets Rot Front Bird's milk creamy vanilla 225g

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Description of goods: Candies Rot Front glazed with chocolate icing with a whipped body "Bird's milk" creamy vanilla real. As a child, "Ptichye Moloko" sweets seemed to us a magical decoration from a fairy tale ... The very history of the creation of "Ptichye Moloko" sweets is extremely interesting. It began more than half a century ago, when the masters of the confectionery art of the Rot Front factory developed a recipe for new sweets, in which the secret of the unique tenderness of the Bird's Milk sweets is hidden. In 1967, the "Ptichye Moloko" sweets produced by the "Rot Front" factory were awarded the State Quality Mark of the USSR, the highest award of the time. And now, after half a century, "Bird's milk" remains the most delicate dessert and a welcome gift. "Bird's milk" is a registered trademark of OJSC "Rot Front", used under license and under the control of the copyright holder.

Product composition: Chocolate glaze (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter equivalent (refined, deodorized, fractionated, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm, shea)), cocoa powder, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, E476; Vanilla flavor, sugar, water drinking, milk fat substitute (refined deodorized vegetable oils: palm oil, partially hydrogenated palm oil, soybean oil, antioxidants: citric acid, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherols, mixture concentrate, sunflower lecithin), molasses, sweetened condensed milk (whole milk, sugar) , dry egg white, gelling agent - agar, cream condensed with sugar (whole milk, cream, sugar), acidity regulator - citric acid, preservative E202, natural flavor "Vanilla", flavor "Butter - Cream", salt.

Precautions: Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to milk protein and / or egg white. Store at a relative air humidity of not more than 75%. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Quality is guaranteed subject to storage conditions.
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