Tree cake SHAKOTIS in a plastic bag, weighed, ~ 510g

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What is “Tree Cake” Lithuanian “Sakotis” or “Raguolis”, Polish “Sekacz” (Tree Cake) is a Polish -Lithuanian traditional spit cake. It is a cake made of butter, egg whites and yolks, flour, sugar and cream. Cooked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire. Its name means “branched tree” or “tree with many branches” due to its distinctive shape ( it is often conical like a pine tree, and with the drips as branches) It is baked in a time – and labour – intensive process, by painting layers of dough onto a rotating spit in a special open oven or over an open fire. It can be decorated with chocolate and flowers ornaments, but it is often served plain. “Sakotis” is one of the most important desserts in Lithuanian celebrations, especially at weddings or other special occasions such as Christmas. This product of the baker’s art is considered to be a symbol of the tradesman’s mastery of his profession. Even today, despite the modern equipment, making a “Sakotis” requires subtlety, love and experience. There are sources that mention “Sakotis” cake being baked in Europe as early as the 15th century. They were baked by monks, who kept the recipes highly secret. About 60 recipes for “Sakotis” cakes are known. Currently bake two types of “Sakotis”: the common or “traditional” type and the “crumbly” type. They are delicious, fresh and always fragrant with the aroma of vanilla and cream. The dough is prepared using natural products and the finished product contain no preservatives.

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