Vodka Bulbash® Special 40%,0.5L

Vodka Bulbash® Special 40%,0.5L

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The secret of the classic Bulbash® Special vodka lies in its unique composition. Traditional vodka kiev is made with grain oatmeal infusion. This combination makes the drink harmonious and full. Special varieties of raisins and honey give the product a soft taste. The special aroma of Bulbash® softens the delicate tones of oatmeal and raisins.

  Vodka Bulbash® Special is served in pure form or as a cocktail ingredient after refrigerating at 8-10 ℃. The traditional dishes of Belarusian cuisine best reflect the taste potential of this drink: boiled potatoes, hash browns, fried carp.

 Alcohol concentration: 40%

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