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Vodka Khlebny Dar On sprouted grains 40% 0.5L

Vodka Khlebny Dar On sprouted grains 40% 0.5L

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"Khlebniy Dar" ("Khlіbniy Dar") is No. 1 vodka in Ukraine and one of the most popular vodkas in the world, which, according to the well-known rating "The Millionares club, 2014", is included in the Top 3 largest vodka brands in the world in terms of sales, on a par with the world giants "Smirnoff" and "Absolut". The peculiarity of vodka "Hlebny Dar" is that it is made exclusively from grain cereals, because it is grain vodka that has a real and right taste, preferred from time immemorial. The Khlebny Dar trademark symbolizes stable, proven quality and supports true values: love for the native land and loyalty to its traditions, respect for people and their work.
Vodka "Khlebniy Dar" Produced from germinated grain according to a unique recipe. It is made from pure artesian water, "Lux" class alcohol and infusion of germinated rye grain, which gives softness and unique taste to vodka. It is recommended to drink vodka in its pure form or use it to prepare various cocktails.


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