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Vodka "Medoff" Classic 40%, 0.5L

Vodka "Medoff" Classic 40%, 0.5L

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The brand "Medoff" includes a wide range of classic vodka, which has a very mild flavor due to unique production technology. This technology, consisting of an innovative filtration system called "honey rain", was first tested in 1902 in England. During filtration under the influence of microparticles of honey, alcohol is purified at the molecular level, naturally eliminating unwanted components. In general, the "Medoff" vodka undergoes post-cleaning on a ten-level system, including crystal and polishing filtration and purification with silver, which makes it possible to form an absolutely pure, soft, high-quality taste of the drink. Bottles of vodka "Medoff" have a lot of super complicated small items on the label and bottle, as well as a unique cap, developed by British designers, which provide protection of vodka from counterfeits.
"Medoff" Classic - the most popular in the line of vodkas "Medoff". It has a special mild flavor with light honey sweetness.

Vodka is clean, transparent color.

Vodka has a very soft, clean, slightly sweet, easy-to-drink taste.

The aroma of vodka is fresh, classic, without additional shades.

Vodka can be consumed in pure form or with ice, with snacks, hot dishes, pickles, used for making cocktails.

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