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Wafers "Roshen wafers" Hazelnut KKF 72g

Wafers "Roshen wafers" Hazelnut KKF 72g

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Wafers Roshen Wafers Hazelnut (Roshen Wafers Hazelnut) is a great delicacy with a natural nutty flavor. Try just one piece and you won't be able to stop until the whole pack is gone.

These wafers have excellent taste and incredible crunch thanks to a unique recipe and modern high-tech equipment. The bright nutty taste of Roshen Wafers Hazelnut Wafers 72 g is achieved by adding real paste from selected hazelnuts and cocoa powder to the filling. And its saturation is manifested due to the well-balanced ratio of wafer sheet and filling 1:3.

Wafers Roshen Wafers with nut filling are packaged in a bright sealed foil package, thanks to which they perfectly retain their taste and remain crispy.
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