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Winiary Our specialty Żurek with mushrooms 49g

Winiary Our specialty Żurek with mushrooms 49g

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Winiary's Our Specialty Żurek with Mushrooms is a full-flavored Polish stew that combines creamy mushrooms, marjoram, and caraway seeds in a rich and tangy broth. With 49g of Żurek, it offers a serving that is sure to please. Enjoy the authentic Polish flavors of this comforting dish.

This product is made from dry ingredients. Drying allows you to naturally preserve the taste and aroma of vegetables, mushrooms and herbs harvested in season for longer.
Features: Simply awesome! , with Polish rye flour, with natural ingredients
Tagged: wine
About the brand:
Legal product name: mushroom sour rye soup.
Additional information: The owner of the trademark is Société des Produits Nestlé SA
Storage: Store in a dry, cool place.
To make and use: To prepare: 5 minutes, 3 servings 1. Thoroughly dissolve the contents of the pack in 750ml of cold water. 2. Put on the fire and stir until boiling. Cook on low heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Adjust Serving Size 2/3 a child's serving

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